Your next singles trip? Then you don’t like to go alone, it’s boring, you feel displaced, without support.


This 8 days Special Excursion Singles Summer Active Trip with Local finnish travel companion starting and finishing from Helsinki. Our base of all operations will be Leppävirta in eastern Finland, a small town located close of  the Saimaa National Park at Finnish Lakeland area.

Kayking at the Lakeland | Autentic finnish summer cottage | Work shop of forest mushrooms | Slow travel | Local Gay travel companion | Reduced group of 8 men


At Rantasalmi we share and stay a comfortable 10 person lakeside cottage equipped with all kinds of amenities (fully furnished kitchen, sauna, heating, etc.), we will go on excursions along the area’s cross-country ski, ice skating slopes and enjoy the spectacle of the possible northern lights, boreales.

Slow travel, gastronomy, snow and the Northern Lights await on this active all-gay tour of winter. My frosty Finland tour makes the most of winter: skiing, snowmobiling, dog-sledding, ice fishing, finnish survive skills teamorks, tasting and making local gastronomy and sleeping in authentic cabin at Saimaa National Park to admire the Northern Lights. Together we’ll warm up to Helsinki on an exclusive walking tour. And finally, we veer back to Helsinki for a last night, and if you’ve never swam in Helsinki city center—in the middle of winter no less—you can even scratch that off your list.




Day 1 – Helsinki, Finland

Hei kaikki—welcome to Helsinki! Our trip kicks off with a Group Meeting at 3pm. If you aren’t able to arrive in the morning, we recommend flying in a day early to settle in. Today we’ll explore the capital city, including a visit to feww main tourist points, what we can choose by intest of the group. Our Welcome Dinner will be an exquisite three-course experience at a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Day 2 – Helsinki / Rantasalmi

This morning we drive to Saimaa, by rental car/cars. We settle to our private cottage. A late afternoon buffet lunch awaits, followed by cross-country skiing at 4PM. Perfect for beginners, the experience includes a private coach for two hours. Tonight’s traditional finnish dinner features reindeer/elk as the main course. shared cottage

Day 3 – Linnasaari National park of Saimaa

Kick off the day with a Husky Safari! Finnish Huskies are cheerful, strong dogs who love to pull the sled through snowy landscapes. Working with a partner, you’ll lead the dogs on a 5-kilometre/3-mile trek. After the safari, enjoy a warm snack and hot chocolate before the afternoon heats up with a traditional Finnish Smoke Sauna, an Ice Swim, and a three-course dinner. Later this evening we’ll buddy-up and hop on snowmobiles for a 3-hour excursion in search of the Aurora Borealis, aka the Northern Lights.

Day 4 – Lets visiting at Kuopio city

Today we will visit at Kuopio. We are, quite simply, on the upper edge of the world here. During a traditional fish soup lunch, local market, visiting at Puijo Tower and make small sight seeing at the city center, shopping also. This afternoon we’ll visit an Arctic Sauna, where you can enjoy a dip .. Tonight we stay in the cottage, with dinner served at the cottage.

Day 5 – Oravi

Today is devoted to ice fishing safari and Ice Skating. We’ll board a snowmobile again and explore gorgeous local trout right on the Lake area of Oravi. Our local handsome guide will help us spot birds, seals and work shop of ice fishing. This evening we will try our own smoked trouts or salmon. Tonight we’ll enjoy one of the tours most exciting experiences: snowshoeving in the wintry woods. If we’re lucky, the Northern Lights will shimmer above us as we doze off.

Day 6 – Saimaa / / Helsinki

After checking out of our cottage, we’re off to Saimaa, the land of Thousands of lakes and the capital of Savo. After lunch at Heinola we’ll visit at Lahti city to see ski jumping, if the wheather and our time table gives flexibiliy.

Driving to Helsinki where we’ll have an included dinner.  We will overnight at Klaus K Hotel, Helsinki which is a Tom Of Finland themed hotel

Day 7 – Helsinki

Rise and shine for the most homoerotic morning of any Explora Finland Adventure…ever! We have a three-hour walking tour devoted to artist Touko Valio Laaksonen, aka Tom of Finland. His work is famously tantalizing and defined by men sporting denim, leather, mustaches and bulging crotches. Lunch will be served in a Russian-themed restaurant. To end this journey in style, our Farewell Dinner will have us feasting at a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Day 8 – Helsinki / Departure

There are no activities planned today, so you are free to explore the city and depart at your leisure. Your local guide Harri will help arrange your included departure transfer to the airport. Safe journey!


DATES: 21-28 of June
TYPE: Small group
GROUP SIZE: min4-máx 8 guys

APPROXIMATE TOTAL COST about €1.800 + flights from your city of origin to Helsinki.

Remember, the cost of this trip is divided into 3 parts:


That’s what I get for organizing the trip. Travel design, negotiation with locals, search for local services at prices without intermediaries and quality, advice (pre-trip and on the trip), save your time and end your headaches + travel team with similar people in tastes and values. It is paid before traveling.


This is an estimate of what the stay and activities cost.  Many expenses are usually to be shared with the rest of the expedition members. The estimate is based on a complete group. For example, it is not the same to divide the cost of a rented car among 3 members as it is among 5. The same with gasoline, etc… (accomodations, local transportation, local guide, tickets, trekking permits etc.) is everything we need at the local level to comply with the program. You pay part of it before the trip and the other part during the trip, directly to local providers. I don’t gain anything from this part.

To give you an idea about the cost of this multiadventure:
  • ACCOMMODATION AT DESTINATION: a cabin is worth around €1450 for eight nights to be divided among the participants
  • FOOD: I estimate €15 per person/day buying at the local supermarket. We will make breakfast, lunch and dinner in the cabin. What you take on your own on the outings is out of your pocket. Alcoholic beverages are not included
  • CAR and GASOLINE: rental of a medium car €350/week and gasoline €150 per car to be distributed
  • TRAVEL INSURANCE: €25.25 with IATI-insurance (recommended). You can hire the insurance you want or if you already have one, perfect. This section is MANDATORY
  • ACTIVITIES: 49€ guides Orinoro by a local guide, kayaks etc.
  • Any other planned activities
  • COMMON FUND: we will put a common fund for certain expenses, such as expenses to be distributed, a local bus ticket or the transport pass. We will do it as a group of friends since it is the easiest way to pay small expenses. Here we would include paying a car ticket, because we are all human.
  • OTHER EXPENSES: Some shopping, food in Helsinki, going out to a restaurant, or having a drink. Please note that anything other than eating at the destination is not included

FLIGHTS from your origin to the destination or meeting place. I leave from Malaga, but if you want to join Helsinki from any other part of the world, no problem: I will try to help you find the most advantageous option.
ACCOMMODATION OUTSIDE THE DESTINATION. Any type of accommodation necessary to make and that is not the cabin. For example, your plane arrives a day earlier in Helsinki and you must spend the night there. I will also try to help you if you ask me.
ANY EXTRA EXPENSES NOT ESTABLISHED HERE: shopping, going out to a restaurant, a drink, etc.


Trip Notes at this adventure

Finland Visa

If your passport is from the USA, Canada, or Europe you can stay up to 90 days without a visa. There may be exceptions, and all visas are the responsibility of the traveler.

Culture Shock at Finland

Finland is one of the safest countries in the world to visit, and it comes with all the comforts of home. However, the Finns are famously reserved (unless they’re at the sauna), so don’t be taken aback by awkward silence.

Local LGBT Scene at Finlandia

Finland, like all of Scandinavia, is easy to visit as a gay traveller. Sexuality is virtually a non-issue, but Finland could be considered one of Scandinavia’s more conservative countries (and it’s still rather liberal).

Weather during this multiadventure in Thousands of lakes area

We’ll be near the Arctic Circle in the middle of winter, so pack accordingly. It will easily be freezing, with temperatures dipping as low as -15C/5F.
Required Vaccinations
The WHO suggests immunization against Hepatitis A and B before visiting Finland. To determine if you should take preventative measures, talk to your doctor or a travel medical clinic.


You will need an international travel plug/adapter for F-type sockets.


We’ll be venturing through some remote parts of the country, with cellular signals to match. Most of our accommodations will have, at the very least, Wi-Fi service. Feel free to tweet, post and pin.

Travel Insurance

For everybody’s peace of mind, medical travel insurance is required on all Explora Finlandia tours. At a minimum, your travel insurance must provide cover against personal accident, death, medical expenses, emergency repatriation and personal liability, with a minimum medical coverage.


All meals daily we make normally with us at the cottage, some days at restaurants.


The local currency is the European Euro (EUR). Finland is also among the world’s first cashless societies, meaning credit cards and electronic payment methods are widely accepted. However we recommend you bring about 400€ in case of an emergency, or if your credit/ATM cards are placed on hold.


We’ve covered the gratuities for included activities, meals, and our local Tour Guide. You’ll only need to offer a tip on any extra drinks or services you buy on the trip.

What to bring

Our adventures entail carrying your own luggage on occasion. And while you’ll never schlep far, things can quickly get costlier than a celebrity breakup if you don’t keep your baggage under 20kg/44lb thanks to costly surcharges on domestic flights. You should also bring something smaller for day trips to carry water, your camera, and any souvenirs you find along the way.

Optional Activities

At every Explora Finlandia adventures offer optional excursions that are not included in price of this trip. Please see the daily itinerary in your final pre-trip packet to learn what’s available.

How We Travel

Explora Finlandia is all about good times with likeminded guys. Whatever’s on the itinerary – from fireside camping to five-star decadence – our goal is to make the experience magical. We’re also committed to supporting the communities we visit by hiring local guides, staying at locally-owned accommodations when possible, and celebrating local cuisine. It all adds up to a great way to immerse yourself in the culture.

Your Guide

All Explora Finlandia adventures are led by a gay (or gay-welcoming) guide. Whenever possible, we hire destination locals. And we can also connect you with the right people if you’d like to delve deeper into the local culture. If you’re pleased with your guide, we recommend a tip of US $5-10 per person, per day…they’ll certainly appreciate it!

Flying Solo

If you’ve never travelled on your own, it’s an amazing way to get to know yourself while making new friends along the way. I can arrange for you to share a room with people in your age range at no charge, or you can pay a supplement for your own room in case if its possible. If there’s an odd number of solos, we’ll rotate a single room on a random basis.

Starting/Finishing Point Hotel

We met and strart from Klaus K Hotel, Helsinki city center.
Klaus K Hotel is located in the heart and center of Helsinki. Klaus K is the first Preferred Hotels & Resorts property in Finland. Inspired by the national epic Kalevala we provide you modern, indigenous, memorable and uncomplicated experience.

Situated 100 m from the Esplanadi shopping district, this design hotel features free gym access. The rooms include free WiFi, LCD TVs and luxury beds.

Hotel Klaus K’s soundproofed rooms have décor inspired by the Finnish epic poem, Kalevala. Some rooms include a bathtub and views of Helsinki’s bustling city centre. Italian cuisine and Tuscan wines are offered in Restaurant Toscanini.

Tram numbers 3 and 6 stop directly outside Hotel Klaus K, providing easy access across Helsinki.

When we know that it is possible to travel more and better, we no longer want anything else. We know that adventure is within our reach, and we want to share it with those we love most. And we also want MORE!

That is why I invite you to travel with me, so that you can discover FINLAND in a way that respects the culture that is going to welcome us and the fauna that we are going to observe, because above all we want to generate a trip with a POSITIVE IMPACT!

But first, let me introduce how this work!:

Place to spot rare lake seals and majestic ospreys.

What are you looking for in Central Finland?

Perhaps what I look for in each of my trips…

Discover the different landscapes that nature offers us and learn more about how people live in other parts of the world by sharing a cultural immersion with the local population.

Today I bring you a trip that I have prepared with great enthusiasm since we are going to fulfill one of my greatest dreams (and I hope yours too) together in Finland.

I am Harri, coordinator of this trip and an inveterate traveller, restless ass, who escapes to any part of Finland without thinking twice. I always travel with the aim of showing the beauty that we have on this planet to protect it, take care of it and generate an impact on the consciences of the people who travel with me.

If something defines me, it is the passion for animals. I am a lover of nature and I believe that we should protect it especially when we travel, generating the minimum possible impact so as not to exploit it but rather to conserve it.

This is the Finnish adventure designed for you

Our team does not get stressed doing the typical excursions in a hurry. The objective of the trip is to enjoy each place surrounded by people who above all love nature and want to discover the destination in a conscious way with the impacts that we are going to generate in the destination.
Nor will we go to the same places as other tourists. Combining the extraordinary known with the special unknown will make your senses explode with every step you take.

And on our return home, we will be the loudspeaker to minimize the exploitation of the resources that most tourists unconsciously generate when they travel.
We will be agents of change!

Summer Kayak Adventure trip
days Travel in Finland’s Unique Archipelago hopping

You will live the rawness of Nature, the ancestral culture, the authenticity of being a tribe.

I will accompany you along a route designed to experience moments of truth in a country that overflows with magic for those who know how to find it.
Because we will get away from the tourist area to truly connect with every moment that nature will offer us exclusively, far from organized excursions for large groups


Who accompanies you on this journey?

Hey! I am Harri, I am Harri, a Finn living in Spain and passionate about travel, animals and outdoor adventures to little traveled places, always trying to do it in a responsible and conscious way for the planet and local communities.

I admit that I have always liked to travel, discover remote places and live new experiences. And yet, a few years ago, I went back to my roots and returned to my origins by active travels. I had the opportunity to take a daily sauna with a subsequent dip in the lake, paddle with the blue of the sky melting into the water, stop at a laavu to pick a few blueberries and eat something on the grill… It was a very intimate contact with nature, but not a cloistered nature, but alive, where people unfold. This is how the Finns feel their land.

This is how the idea was born

Upon returning to Spain I felt calmer in mind and satisfied with the hunger to travel. It took me a while to realize: 25 years traveling the world and it was the first time I felt this stillness after a trip. And this is what I would like to share with you, another non-invasive way of «doing tourism», respecting the environment that surrounds you and integrating into the environment as the locals do.

Travel companions more important than destination

The intensity of the journey comes from what we create together.

We believe that it is vitally important to form a team with people with the same tastes and values.

In addition to us, you will be accompanied by between 8 (at least) and 12 (at most) fellow travelers.

But not only that, the local team that makes the trip possible is part of this adventure. There will be moments of the trip where we will enrich the way sharing moments with guides and local people…

All the people who decide to join this traveling experience will go through a kind of interview with us to check the affinity with the team and confirm that we are all online.

In this way we will create a very nice and related group, with open and adventurous people. that multiplies the experience exponentially.

Because all the people on the team add up by contributing their grain of sand and thus creating an unbreakable pineapple.

Alojamiento único al lado de un lago Finlandia
The best memories on good trips are moments that you share with other people.

Benefits of this MILTIADVENUTURE to Finland?

Aboriginal culture, majestic nature, fellowship, magic and calm!

Gay adventure accompaniment buddy

We are going to soak up the Earth itself, its culture, its people, its mountains and its myths.

A story of greatness for hearts like yours or mine. Assimilate the beauty and brutality of nature, while we go through your body.

Breaking down the value of the trip to Finland

Budget control in your hands and transparency that benefits everyone.

In this section we explain 2 very important things: ExploraFinlandia does not work as a travel agency and you are the one who controls 100% of your budget.

Use the buttons to find out everything.


ExploraFinlandia does not work as a travel agency that is why we do NOT sell combined travel packages (Package that includes Transportation, activities and accommodation in the same price).

We only charge you for the great value that our service provides. We are Freelance travel designers and you are the one who controls 100% of your travel budget.

Look, we will explain it to you briefly.

The investment to make this trip is divided into 3 parts.

    1. – ExploraFinlandia design, advice and support service – It is what we bill you.
    2. – Travel budget – All local services that make this travel design possible – You pay it directly.
    3. – Flights – The most variable part of the price – You buy it directly.

It is a way of ensuring that the value of your budget ends up where it has to, adding quality to the trip in the most sustainable way possible.

We want you to be an active part of the organization of the trip and of the enjoyment and illusion prior to the departure date. Starting from this idea of ​​enjoying during the months prior to the trip, we create united groups, we communicate constantly to get to know each other better, break the ice… With this we achieve 2 things; first we sow the seed of a united group with all the benefits that this brings to the trip. Second, collaborate so that each participant makes some reservations directly without intermediaries.

With our help, each participant will make some reservations directly (Flight, local reservations that are essential to make in time, etc.), without that money passing through us. This way you will be able to know at all times where for your money, without intermediaries, without losses, in a more sustainable way, reaching the local economy to value much more everything that the trip includes.

And don’t worry, everything you have to book from home will hardly take you time and is a perfect excuse to get in touch and start living the trip together. We will help you with all this and once done we will focus on enjoying the whole experience.

Now read carefully the sections “ExploraFinlandiaService”, “Travel budget”, “Flights” and “What we are not” because they are very very important.


The part that we bill you has 3 value points that help you get a signature trip that is not repeated anywhere.


To make the trip possible: we negotiate with the locals in search of the best prices and the best possible experiences, find the coolest hotels so that they add value to the trip, coordinate transport… But this is the minimum for the travel, what everyone does…

Our design work goes further: you pay us so that your trip is pure art full of special moments. Our goal is to create a masterpiece that combines the most special sites of each country with the iconic «must see» places. We land all our traveling experience and turn it into a route that combines organized moments with that magic of the spontaneous that is essential in a great trip.

The trips we organize are not out of obligation, they are because we feel like doing them. That is why we do not repeat trips year after year, to keep our motivation to the fullest and make you experience something very, very special by our side.

This is the way to make the trip special, and not the copy of the copy of the trip that your neighbor already made.


We work to find the right people and build a fireproof team. It is important that all the members of the group go in line with the type of trip that is proposed here; People with an open mind, collaborative, eager to contribute and receive.

To do this, we conduct live interviews with each of the interested parties. We talk, we solve doubts, we feel the feeling and thus we help each person who contacts us to make the best possible decision in order to join this trip. Not all trips are for everyone, and if we see that someone is not going to enjoy this trip, we recommend another type of trip more in line with their tastes and needs.

This small filter allows us to create a super fun team that wants to give everything and is capable of creating an exponential experience.


For us, a journey begins at home, months before leaving. And to start dreaming, we create a PRE-trip experience that allows us to start group contact. This is how we break the ice, we see each other’s faces, we feel the atmosphere and we create a united team that is a pineapple.

> During the months prior to the trip we will be in direct contact in a WhatsApp group and we will hold videoconferences to design the luggage, the first-aid kit, resolve all doubts instantly, buy flights and share all the organizational information of the trip. We will even meet the local guides who will tell us things about what we are going to experience on the trip.

We can even personalize the trip more: We will give you ideas for days off and we can even organize extra activities in a personalized way that enhance the individual experience.

This is what people value most because when we arrive at the airport and from minute 1 we feel the warmth of a group that has been collaborating for months.

ZERO doubts! – MAX atmosphere!

>> During the trip, we will be your English, we will be your mechanic, we will be your advisor, we will be your experience. The objective is that we travel together, without fear, as a team. And above all that we enjoy as a team everything that arises on the trip.


It is the part of the price of the trip that you manage yourself (with our help) to pay directly to local suppliers: hotels, local transport, visits, local guide services… Later you will have the full price breakdown explained perfectly.

1.- Sometimes we have to make some reservations from home

On some trips we will use part of this budget to reserve the services of the local guide, for the advance purchase of tickets, train / bus tickets or other services necessary for the trip, etc …

Once the group is formed, we will make these reservations from home. We meet, we enjoy the group, we make these reservations together. Of course, whoever wants to can make reservations on his own account and in a simple way with the information that we pass on to him. Of course, they represent a tremendous cost savings.

2.- You will take the rest of the budget to the trip.

You take most of the travel budget with you and normally you will use it during the first days to pay for everything that has been budgeted for this trip.

    1. – To pay the local guide.
    2. – To pay for accommodation
    3. – To pay for visits.
    4. – To pay for transportation

There will be expenses that are not budgeted for on this trip, such as the extra activities that we propose, some lunches and dinners, some transportation…

We don’t budget because we don’t know what everyone wants to eat at certain times of the day, because we don’t know when we’ll need a taxi, because we don’t know if you want to do some optional activities.

But before you can access the reservation of your place, we always explain the prices of those optional activities that enhance the trip.

The rest of the expenses are minimal and depend on each participant and her little vices 🙂


Flights are the variable part of the cost of a trip. We never know how much the flight will cost, what we do know is that the sooner you buy the better for 2 reasons:

  1. Best prices.
  2. You forget about headaches and wasted time and focus on enjoying the experience prior to the trip.
    We buy the flights once we have the minimum confirmed group and we always do it directly where the prices are cheaper.

Of course, we recommend several insurance options because you never know…

Because flights are a part of the travel budget that does not depend on us, and it is always important to have all the ends tied up. We will help you to the fullest!


Before you join this magnificent journey it is important that you understand what we are not, to understand what we are.

To do this, the first thing you should do is visit our “about us” page.

Look, we summarize it here:

  • We are not a travel agency because we do not sell combined packages. We are Freelance travel designers and we offer advice to travelers who want to go further through our experience. Thanks to this information that we share, you can control your money at all times by reserving without intermediaries and with our help everything you need to make the trip possible.
  • We are not the profile of guides who direct your day to the millimeter – Get to know the figure of coordinator here
  • We are not responsible for your actions. We travel together, in the same team, we are the same, we contribute to the group, we advise and coordinate the different tasks that must be carried out on a trip.

This is what the price of the trip to Finland includes

We explain what it does include and does not include so you can take it into account

How to take your first dip in ice

Design and Accompaniment

It is the value of experience

8 days of travel accompanied by an expert in responsible tourism travel who has designed this trip, Harri, seo of ExploraFinlandia. Ventura, who will offer a daily plan, coordinate and ensure the smooth running of the trip.

To go hunting for the northern lights we will have an expert guide in hunting auroras and for the icefishing or nature sighting roadtrip as well

We will also live with the people belonging to the local culture, where we can have several teamorks, learn the history of thei area and get to know how local lives here daily.

We will heat the sauna everyday, know how to smoke trouts like finish guys, passing several local areas, having good relaxed time together..

Tours and activities in and around Saimaa

With local guides who will help us see incredible things

Aurora hunting excursion: They will give us precise and relevant information on how to capture those fine rays of light thanks to the fact that a professional photographer will accompany us.

For this great adventure, they will serve us a homemade vegetarian soup during the excursion, they will lend us thermal suits and everything we need to be comfortable outside waiting for the much-desired Aurora!

We will also receive a small photography workshop, food, hot drinks and cookies.

Moto skooter adventure: They will lend us a winter thermal suit, winter shoes and instant heat bags (only if necessary).
Tripods and headlamps.

Activities at frozen lake: The most beautiful ice trail in Finland, from Oravi through Linnansaari National Park to Rantasalmi, or vice versa. Lots of options with snowshoes, tour skates or ice-fishing. The total length of the prepared route is up to 20 km/ one way depending on the weather conditions.

Professional photos: we will take a photo with the northern lights in the background, when possible included in the price of the activity.

Nuestra cabaña en Leppävirta, con sauna y la playa privada


Attractions in Linnansaari National Park

Landscape of the national park: Located in the heart of the Finnish Lakeland, the Linnansaari National Park perfectly reflects its landscape.

Linnansaari National Park is in the heart of the Finnish Lakeland, and an ideal place to spot rare Saimaa Ringed Seals and majestic ospreys. The magnificent landscape alternates between a labyrinth of sheltered islands and broader open waters.

Over 130 islands as well as islets and boulders are part of the area and provide a diverse landscape of forests, ridges, meadows, fields, rocks and waters – the ideal habitat for a bio-diverse flora and fauna.

What is Lakeland?

Finnish lakeland is the largest Lake District in Europe: In a scarcely populated country there’s enough scenery and shoreline for all, allowing you to easily lose yourself in thought or be inspired by the vast clear lakes, intricately splintered by islands, isthmuses and green spits.

Taking a trip to Lakeland is like taking a trip into the heart of Finnish identity.

Trekking Leppävirta parque natural con viajes de autor.

the most special

Unforgettable nights

Coexistence in a Saimaa Natural Park spending time in a laavu (the typical dwelling) and making our own dinner there . We will be able to go out and see the auroras in an overwhelming snowy landscape. dinner around a campfire and having nice time.

We never promise you that you will see auroras. It is never guaranteed as it depends on how cloudy the sky is and the weather conditions, but the local guides know the area perfectly and will maximize our chances.

We will eat a spectacular cake that is the trip, and the icing is the auroras that if we eat it, we will close a brutal experience.

VIajes a finlandia

Other essentials that you should know.

All the people who join this adventure must know…

Sometimes these essentials are part of the experience, other times they are a necessity that do not deserve a large budget investment.

And other times, we don’t even include them in the budget and leave them as optional.

At the moment there is no fixed price (we will publish it at the end of November). That is why it is not specified what it includes and does not include. That is why you can sign up for the list of interested people and you will be one of the first people to receive all the information to apply for a place on this trip.

Click on the icons to read:



Accommodation in Helsinki will be one or two apartments or 4 hotel rooms in the center for the whole group.

Five more nights will be spent on the outskirts of Oravi in a cottage facing the lake and away from light pollution to increase the chances of seeing the Northern Lights.

We will spend one night in the Sami village camping in a Lavvo tent. (Typical tent where the Sami used to sleep)


  • 1 nights in Helsinki
  • 4 nights in Oravi
    2 night in Helsinki

Let’s freak out!!!!



All the transportation that takes us to the different areas of interest that we want to visit during the trip is included in the travel budget.

Bus, boat, local private transport…



In many parts of the trip we will buy our own food and cook.

In other parts of the trip we will eat in local restaurants.

When we sleep in hotels, we will have breakfast included.

Don’t worry, you won’t go hungry.

If IHarri is by our side, good food is guaranteed!

I would love to join this FREESTYLE trip to Finland

What is the next step?

And how can I make an appointment with the coordinator so that he can tell me more things and opt for a place in the nomadic team?

From April 20 to May 28

You can reserve your place with an advance of the first €200

  • Attentive! Deadline to reserve: APRIL 28* (or fill seats)
  • Designed and guided by a local expert
  • Accompaniment and experiences
  • Without intermediaries that suck your wallet
  • Team selection – same goals and values
  • Including everything we have mentioned above


You can reserve your place with a deposit of €200.