Active gay travel trip to Lakeland of Finlanda during Midsummer nights of august.

When we know that it is possible to travel more and better, we no longer want anything else. We know that adventure is within our reach, and we want to share it with those we love most. And we also want MORE!

That is why I invite you to travel with me, so that you can discover FINLAND in a way that respects the culture that is going to welcome us and the fauna that we are going to observe, because above all we want to generate a trip with a POSITIVE IMPACT!

But first, let me introduce how this work!:

On the Water, Lakeland

What are you looking for in Repovesi National Park?

Perhaps what I look for in each of my trips…

Discover the different landscapes that nature offers us and learn more about how people live in other parts of the world by sharing a cultural immersion with the local population.

Today I bring you a trip that I have prepared with great enthusiasm since we are going to fulfill one of my greatest dreams (and I hope yours too) together in Finland.

I am Harri, coordinator of this trip and an inveterate traveller, restless ass, who escapes to any part of Finland without thinking twice. I always travel with the aim of showing the beauty that we have on this planet to protect it, take care of it and generate an impact on the consciences of the people who travel with me.

If something defines me, it is the passion for animals. I am a lover of nature and I believe that we should protect it especially when we travel, generating the minimum possible impact so as not to exploit it but rather to conserve it.

This is the Finnish adventure designed for you

Our team does not get stressed doing the typical excursions in a hurry. The objective of the trip is to enjoy each place surrounded by people who above all love nature and want to discover the destination in a conscious way with the impacts that we are going to generate in the destination.
Nor will we go to the same places as other tourists. Combining the extraordinary known with the special unknown will make your senses explode with every step you take.

And on our return home, we will be the loudspeaker to minimize the exploitation of the resources that most tourists unconsciously generate when they travel.
We will be agents of change!

Summer Kayak Adventure trip
Gay Excursion to Repovesi National Park, to Lakeland of Finland

You will live the rawness of Nature, the ancestral culture, the authenticity of being a tribe.

I will accompany you along a route designed to experience moments of truth in a country that overflows with magic for those who know how to find it. Because we will get away from the tourist area to truly connect with every moment that nature will offer us exclusively, far from organized excursions for large groups


Who accompanies you on this journey?

Hey! I am Harri, I am Harri, a Finn living in Spain and passionate about travel, animals and outdoor adventures to little traveled places, always trying to do it in a responsible and conscious way for the planet and local communities.

I admit that I have always liked to travel, discover remote places and live new experiences. And yet, a few years ago, I went back to my roots and returned to my origins by active travels. I had the opportunity to take a daily sauna with a subsequent dip in the lake, paddle with the blue of the sky melting into the water, stop at a laavu to pick a few blueberries and eat something on the grill… It was a very intimate contact with nature, but not a cloistered nature, but alive, where people unfold. This is how the Finns feel their land.

This is how the idea was born

Upon returning to Spain I felt calmer in mind and satisfied with the hunger to travel. It took me a while to realize: 25 years traveling the world and it was the first time I felt this stillness after a trip. And this is what I would like to share with you, another non-invasive way of «doing tourism», respecting the environment that surrounds you and integrating into the environment as the locals do.

Travel companions more important than destination

The intensity of the journey comes from what we create together.

We believe that it is vitally important to form a team with people with the same tastes and values.

In addition to us, you will be accompanied by between 8 (at least) and 12 (at most) fellow travelers.

But not only that, the local team that makes the trip possible is part of this adventure. There will be moments of the trip where we will enrich the way sharing moments with guides and local people…

All the people who decide to join this traveling experience will go through a kind of interview with us to check the affinity with the team and confirm that we are all online.

In this way we will create a very nice and related group, with open and adventurous people. that multiplies the experience exponentially.

Because all the people on the team add up by contributing their grain of sand and thus creating an unbreakable pineapple.

gay travel companions to Finland

Benefits of this MILTIADVENUTURE to Finland?

Aboriginal culture, majestic nature, fellowship, magic and calm!

Summer Kayak Adventure trip

We are going to soak up the Earth itself, its culture, its people, its mountains and its myths.

A story of greatness for hearts like yours or mine. Assimilate the beauty and brutality of nature, while we go through your body.

Breaking down the value of the trip to Finland

Budget control in your hands and transparency that benefits everyone.

In this section we explain 2 very important things: ExploraFinlandia does not work as a travel agency and you are the one who controls 100% of your budget.

Use the buttons to find out everything.

This is what the price of the trip to Finland includes

We explain what it does include and does not include so you can take it into account

Gay adventure accompaniment buddy

Design and Accompaniment

It is the value of experience

8 days of travel accompanied by an expert in responsible tourism travel who has designed this trip, Harri, seo of ExploraFinlandia. Ventura, who will offer a daily plan, coordinate and ensure the smooth running of the trip.

To go hunting for the northern lights we will have an expert guide in hunting auroras and for the icefishing or nature sighting roadtrip as well

We will also live with the people belonging to the local culture, where we can have several teamorks, learn the history of thei area and get to know how local lives here daily.

We will heat the sauna everyday, know how to smoke trouts like finish guys, passing several local areas, having good relaxed time together..


Tours and activities in and around Saimaa

With local guides who will help us see incredible things

Trekkings: They will give us precise and relevant information on how to capture those fine rays of light thanks to the fact that a professional photographer will accompany us.

Kayaking adventure: 

Activities at Lakeland: The most beautiful ice trail in Finland, from Oravi through Linnansaari National Park to Rantasalmi, or vice versa. Lots of options with. 

Professional photos: we will take a photo with the northern lights in the background, when possible included in the price of the activity.

Viaje de trekking a Finlandia con un local.


Attractions in Linnansaari National Park

Landscape of the national park: Located in the heart of the Finnish Lakeland, the Linnansaari National Park perfectly reflects its landscape.

Linnansaari National Park is in the heart of the Finnish Lakeland, and an ideal place to spot rare Saimaa Ringed Seals and majestic ospreys. The magnificent landscape alternates between a labyrinth of sheltered islands and broader open waters.

Over 130 islands as well as islets and boulders are part of the area and provide a diverse landscape of forests, ridges, meadows, fields, rocks and waters – the ideal habitat for a bio-diverse flora and fauna.

What is Lakeland?

Finnish lakeland is the largest Lake District in Europe: In a scarcely populated country there’s enough scenery and shoreline for all, allowing you to easily lose yourself in thought or be inspired by the vast clear lakes, intricately splintered by islands, isthmuses and green spits.

Taking a trip to Lakeland is like taking a trip into the heart of Finnish identity.

Contacta con viajes de autor a Finlandia
Finland Gay Tour Repovesi

the most special

Unforgettable nights

Coexistence in a Saimaa Natural Park spending time in a laavu (the typical dwelling) and making our own dinner there . We will be able to go out and see the auroras in an overwhelming snowy landscape. dinner around a campfire and having nice time. 


Other essentials that you should know.

All the people who join this adventure must know…

Sometimes these essentials are part of the experience, other times they are a necessity that do not deserve a large budget investment.

And other times, we don’t even include them in the budget and leave them as optional.

At the moment there is no fixed price (we will publish it at the end of November). That is why it is not specified what it includes and does not include. That is why you can sign up for the list of interested people and you will be one of the first people to receive all the information to apply for a place on this trip.

Click on the icons to read:

I would love to join this FREESTYLE trip to Finland

What is the next step?

And how can I make an appointment with the coordinator so that he can tell me more things and opt for a place in the nomadic team?


Guided by local expert, Signature, sustainable and very special
1800 (VAT and tourist taxes included)
  • Designed and guided by a local expert
  • Accompaniment and experiences
  • Without intermediaries that suck your wallet
  • Team selection - same goals and values
  • Including everything we have mentioned above